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Our software platform and custom development allows Title Companies to easily order and create Municipal Lien Searches and Estoppels!


Municipal Lien Searches

Finding unrecorded liens and municipal debt. This includes Property Taxes, Utility Balances, Open or Expired Permits, Code Enforcement Violations and Special Assessments.

Estoppel Certificates

HOA/COA Association letters that report the property’s financial standing, past due and future balances, assessments, fees and violations.

Survey(Coming Soon)

Confirm your property’s boundary lines, structures, features, restrictions and legal description through precise and professional measurements.

Release Tracking

Find out whether the documents (also known as instruments) from your title commitment were properly released.

Payoff letter

Know exactly how much and what instructions are needed to payoff a specific lien including mortgage, lender or mechanic liens and more.

Permit Project

Have an open or expired permit? This service will resolve them! Cost is per permit and additional costs administered by the city or county may apply.

Code Resolution Project

We work with contractors and the city and/or county to resolve your active code cases. We will provide you with a contractor bid (if applicable) and see through the entire process until the code case is resolved. Pricing per code case.

Sufficient Funds Affidavit

HOA/COA AssocConfirm your property’s association has funds on hand to pay for work contemplated by the Notice of Commencement.

Commercial Lien Search

Finding unrecorded liens and municipal debt for Commercial Properties. This includes Property Taxes, Utility Balances, Open or Expired Permits, Code Enforcement Violations and Special Assessments.

HOA Research

Research on your property to confirm if its governed by a mandatory homeowners association or not.

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